About us


Avola offers organizations efficient and state-of-the-art tools and methods for defining strategic and business change objectives, keeping focused on their realization and proactively adjusting them.

Avola helps organizations optimize their customer service by designing and implementing efficient and effective business processes. The result? Lower servicing costs, improved customer satisfaction and less operational risks.


Each Avola employee shares our belief in the 4 P’s:

Each Avola employee is in the first place driven by the pleasure of their job. This is translated into a very informal, social and respectful atmosphere within the organization and between colleagues. This obviously radiates to our customers.

Each Avola employee is passionate about what they are doing. This automatically induces proactivity in taking initiative and responsibility.

Each Avola employee always wants to the best-in-class and to drive their team to extraordinary performance.

Each Avola employee continuously aims at delivering added value for our customers. In this, integrity and respect of ethical values are of the utmost importance.

Social Responsibility

Avola is convinced that each organization has a high responsibility towards its employees, their families and towards society as a whole. In order to concretize this, Avola's founders adhere to the following principles: each employee spends 10% of his or her working time on carefully selected non-profit initiatives, with the objective to help these organizations achieve their goals. Moreover, 5% of Avola's dividends are reserved to financially support carefully selected non-profit initiatives. Avola has the intention of transparently communicating its social responsibility initiatives in the News section of its website. 



Stichting MEE

MEE supports people with disabilities and their network in all areas and all stages of life so they can fully participate in society. We are independent and stand next to the client. We help to strengthen their own power and exploit the potential of their network. This increases their independence and quality of life. We use our knowledge and experience to better organize the community for people with disabilities. Thus MEE makes participation actually possible.






Bizzomate brings together business and IT, thus making organizations really agile and allowing them to maximize their benefits from the dynamic marketplace. Bizzomate offers innovative methods and technologies to quickly and flexibly create and implement state-of-the-art business applications.